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Solid State Kettlebell morning bootcamps, small classes focused on fun, safety, and your goals.

Boot Camps

Finally, a San Diego boot camp that delivers a fun safe workout that propels your body into a strong flexible state where weight loss becomes easy and a lean tone body can be yours.  There is no shouting here, just a fun supportive environment that focuses on safely performing each exercise and achieving your personal goals.  Boot camps focus on kettlebell, body weight and MMA (mixed martial art) style routines designed to burn as many calories as possible.  It is open for all levels and is modified depending on each participants needs.

If you have never done a boot camp before that’s great.  Most new participants can loose 10 – 20 lbs very quickly and the little bit of soreness you feel when first starting will soon be replaced stamina strength and lean muscles.  We don’t break you down with each workout.  Rather, we progressively challenge you to improve and progress to a point of complete fitness.

You really have got nothing to lose,  except pounds and inches.  Up to the 10 pounds in the first month is quite common and by following simple dietary and lifestyle guidelines that weight loss can continue until you reach your goals.

You’re Invited:  As a special offer, I am inviting you to try 2 weeks for $20 dollars.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Give it a try today!


Personal Training

I offer personal training for clients looking to achieve specific training goals.  After three initial sessions that start with a in depth consultation, a list of goals and an easy to follow road map that will guide you through the program we decide fits you best.  Many different packages and programs are available.   Packages of any amount can be purchased. More here.

On Ramp

One of our most popular programs, this 10 session on ramp program is perfect for beginners or those hesitant to jump right into a group workout.  Featured in the 10 session on ramp program are one-on-one training, a detailed goal list, a simple diet and lifestyle plan and full e-mail support in between sessions to help keep you on track.  More here.

Please email: or call: 858-335-0948 for information on personal training packages.